bio and artistic practice
Carmen Molenaar (2001, NL) currently lives and works in Arnhem. In her artistic practice, Carmen researches how we as human beings can relate to the 'natural world', to non-human beings. In these times of planetary change, Carmen feels the necessity to find recognise the value our non-human neighbours on whom we depend and share this planet with. She uses her practice as a tool to commit her time, care, respect and reciprocity to non-humans which we otherwise overlook, forget, or don’t know. Carmen feels most connected to the earth when she is outside, and so naturally her artistic studio and processes are mostly based outdoors. Through various media - such as writing, photography, film, sound, ceramics, foraging and cooking - she researches how we can we use our human sensitivity and apparatus to find new ways of connecting with our non-human neighbours. 
Curriculum Vitae
2019-2023 - BA Fine Art BEAR (Base for Experiment, Art and Research) - ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL (graduated)
      2022 - Internship with Suzette Bousema - The Hague, NL
      2021 - Honourslab Regenerating ecosystems and education, RE:PLACE - Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL
2018-2019 - Art & Design Preparatory Program - ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL (graduated)
2024 - Kunstwandelroute - Hummelo, NL
2024 - Kelderfest - BRUT and Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL
2023 - Ode aan de Gelderse Poort - Millingen aan de Rijn, NL
2023 - FULL:FILLED Graduation show BEAR - ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL 
Future exhibitions
2024 - Backstage Academy - KunstRAI x BEAR, Amsterdam, NL
2024 - De Belofte - Kunstliefde, Utrecht, NL
2024 - Earthmusic Festival - Co Zwolle, Zwolle, NL
2024 - DE STAAT VAN - Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL
2024 - Instruments make play - De Perifeer and Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL
2024 - Art and Ecology Residency, De Duivelsberg - The Moraine, Berg en Dal, NL
2023 - Tussen Zoet en Zout - Studio 1931, Den Oever, NL
2022 - Artistic Research Residency - Cittadellarte Accademia Unidee, Biella, IT
2022 - Research project Aqua - S+T+ARTS (Starts4Water) & Cittadellarte Accademia Unidee, Biella, IT
2024 - Havenkwartier Labfonds - Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL
2023 - Shortlisted for Global Design Graduate Show 2023, fine art/photography/craft - Arts Thread, London, UK
2024 - Participant De Belofte - Kunstliefde, Utrecht, NL
2023 - Volunteer - Platform DIS, Nijmegen, NL
2022 - Co-organizer Nature Bits: Rewilding - IVN Institute for nature education, Arnhem, NL
2021 - Assistent prodution and Host Sonsbeek 20-24 - Stichting Sonsbeek & State of Fashion, Arnhem NL
2019 - Volunteer - Kunsthal KADE, Amersfoort, NL
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