A material research coming from the strong urge of wanting to know where things - food, clothes, materials, ect. - come from. Where they find their origine, how they have travelled, and how these factors make them what they are. Living on the Rhine in a boat, having the floodplains closeby, I dived into the residue of the river - from boulders to pebbels to sand to clay. 
This way of researching also provided a slow and intent method to get to know the place - to get to know Meinerswijk. This was very important to me, as the floodplains of Meinerswijk had become my studio.
During the process of having Meinerswijk as my studio, the idea rose to host a dinner to share my research. To be able to emphasize and share the residue of the Rhine, I made bowls from the clay of the Rhine. The negative shape of each bowl was made by the positive shape of unique pebbels. By doing so, the bowl became a tripple residue of the Rhine - a trippel RijnResidu.

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